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Interest Lending

Join us in making credit more accessible and affordable for consumers across the globe!


What Is Zivoe

Zivoe is a Real World Asset protocol built to disrupt the high-interest consumer lending market. We help victims of predatory, high-interest loans refinance their debts and improve their financial health.

Zivoe works by pooling capital on-chain and then lending it to consumers in the real world (with the help of loan servicing companies). The interest payments from these real-world loans are then returned on-chain, offering liquidity providers sustainable yields derived from real economic activity.


How It Works

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The Best In
The Industry

Zivoe works with leading protocols, auditors, on-ramps, and fintechs to bring Real World Assets to the blockchain.

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$ZVE Token

ZVE Tokenomics
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Earn Rewards

Stake $ZVE to earn a share of protocol revenue in the form of $USDC.

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Govern The Future

Vote on governance proposals that influence the future of the protocol.


Meet Our Team

Zivoe Jay Abbasi

Jay Abbasi


Zivoe Kristal Gruevski

Kristal Gruevski

Founder & General Counsel

Zivoe John Quarnstrom

John Quarnstrom

CTO & Co-Founder

Zivoe Thor Abbasi

Thor Abbasi

Head of Operations & Co-Founder

Zivoe Dennis Baca

Dennis Baca

Head of Product & Founding Member

Zivoe Alex Serban

Alex Serban

Web3 Full-Stack Engineer

Zivoe Chad Deal

Chad Deal

Head of Compliance

Zivoe Walt Ramsey

Walt Ramsey

Risk Advisor


The Road Ahead

Zivoe's Roadmap

Q1 2024

Private Fundraise
Sherlock Audit
Sepolia Testnet

Q3 2024

Exchange Listings
Originate First Loans
New Yield Strategies

Q2 2024

Mainnet Launch
Initial Tranche Offering
$ZVE Airdrop

Q4 2024

Grow TVL Past $25M
New Credit Products
Expand Globally


DISCLAIMER: Zivoe is a technology services provider. Use of the Zivoe Protocol involves risks, including but not limited to the potential loss of digital assets. Before using the Zivoe Protocol, you should review our documentation to ensure you understand how the Protocol works. As described in our Terms, the Zivoe Protocol is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, at your own risk. We explicitly disclaim any representation or warranties of any kind relating to the Protocol, and no developer or entity will be liable for claims or damages of any kind associated with use or inability to use the Protocol.

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